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Screen Printing Adventures pt1

Screen Printing Adventures pt1

After spending the last year screen printing in London, I have decided to write about some of the different studios in London, what services they off and share some of my  own experiences. This will give you a taste of some real screen printing adventures.

London Print Club

This seems to be the most popular of all the places in London and for good reason. They offer a lot of different services ranging from workshops to printing on fabric. They also have many different workshops on offer. With competitive prices there is something for everyone looking to learn the techniques. This is the place I learnt my skills at after finishing one of there deluxe workshops.

They teach you photoshop techniques to prepare your prints in the morning. And then you get to print your own design in the afternoon. Its a really comprehensive course and I liked how they taught you some digital skills too. I found that the facilities where pretty good here if not a little messy but its a big space used by freelancers and professional printers of all backgrounds. To use there studio it costs around a 100 pound a month and you must first spend 3 sessions with a technical assistant who is only available weekdays. I got the impression this was more suited towards freelancers that would use the service mon-fri and not really hobbyists.

What they offer overall to me seemed like it was aimed at professionals that can't afford the equipment themselves and make a living from screen printing. There's even hot desks you can rent out in the adjoining building.

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