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We have launched!

We have launched!

Welcome to Rear View Prints. After over a year of planning, designing, screen printing and alot of emailing, Rear View Prints is live. I'm so excited about this latest project for a number of reasons. First, this is my first online creative adventure in the world of design. And after a long career in VFX, it feels good to be my own client and get the prints out into the ether.

The Ember of an Idea

So you want to hear a little bit more about the prints? Well, after finishing up some design courses in Central St Martins, I got inspired. You see, during the courses, we explored the idea of conveying a message in its simplest form. During this time, I worked on so many different weekly projects. They ranged from a children's pop-up book about interesting pigeon facts (did you know that a pigeon was the first bird in space?) to warning signs using popular movies.

This sparked my imagination to begin an exploration. It was to be a journey into iconography and how different everyday objects we see throughout our lifetime evolve over generations without us ever realizing. It's fascinating how we can all be so similar as people, but yet depending on our geography. This can apply to everything: what we find beautiful and elegant can be so different. There are so many different subjects you could explore, things that have been at the core of our lives for decades and transcends across cultures. The possibilities are endless.

Wielding the Spark

I could have picked anything from food, drink, technology, architecture as there are so many things we share. The car is so simple in its design and we see them everywhere. But every so often a design comes along that captures our imagination. That's what I wanted to get on paper.

What better way to pay homage to this subject by using a hand printed method that's been used for thousands of years and really help give the project some authenticity. Screen printing is such a beautiful and liberating experience after coming from the technical world of VFX - it just felt great to be able to mix paint and get my hands dirty again.

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