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Screen Printing Adventures pt2

Screen Printing Adventures pt2

This is the second installment of our screen printing adventures. You can read the first part here. This is where we’re taking a look at some different London studios in more detail.

London Print Studio

This one couldn’t be more different from Print Club London. I probably should of known this even by where they are both located in London. London Print Club is in East London, attracting hipsters and designers alike. But London Print Studio is located in West London. So it appeals to older more conservative artists. This fact really reflects in the studio. For example, it has a modern building with a gallery, digital studio and the main print studio. The main studio also has a number of different traditional printing presses.

This caters much more to hobbyists and people who can only print outside of normal work hours. There also offer workshops but I liked the way I could get my acetate printed here also. The member ship fees are slightly different as you pay a small yearly membership and then pay for the studio time when you need it.

I prefer the setup here are this is alot more order to the different areas with many of the areas well labelled and signed. They unfortunately don’t have a professional printing service here but do offer one on one mentoring to help with more demanding projects. If you are more of a part time printer I would recommend here but if you are making money from it and have the time during the day maybe London Print Studio would suit better.

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