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Your Own Awesome Man Cave: 5 Tips on How to Set It Up

Your Own Awesome Man Cave: 5 Tips on How to Set It Up
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Your gentleman’s retreat. Your masculine sanctuary. Your hang out spot. It doesn’t matter if it’s a home gym, a high-tech media room, or simply a basement where you abide your time with fellow dudes. You can have it decked-out in Star Wars memorabilia or some slick car prints, but the idea remains the same…

You need a space that’s not just all your own; it’s a spot where you can hone your act. For every man, that place will look different and take on a different purpose. And that’s perfectly fine. In actuality, however, there’s some guiding principles that help define a man cave, garage, study, or any other masculine hideaway. And the staff here at Rear View Prints sat down this week to find out exactly what they are for you.

Putting Your Mission into Focus

Every man has a mission, a calling that’s all his own. And for each one of us, that mission is best enshrined in a personal space. Call it your man cave or anything you like, really. At the end of the day, the idea remains the same: to create a worthy masculine area, you must pick your mission and channel it through your space. Even if you’re just relaxing or hanging out with the boys, your area should focus on that mission, whether of comradery or rejuvenating yourself to tackle the next day’s challenges.

Running with Your Obsession

Once you have your mission set, you’ll want to turn to your obsession. How do the two differ? Your mission is more abstract, while you can touch your obsession. Maybe your mission is to get fit, but your obsession is weight training versus cardio. Or maybe your mission is to be the best mechanic you can be, but your obsession is that white and black 1965 Shelby GT350 Mustang (amazing car, by the way). Either way, define your mission and then bring in your obsession.

Choosing your Design and Style

Modern and sleek. Rugged, dirty, and industrial. Your man cave is an extension of your style and approach to design. Some men go for totally minimal, while others prefer lots of masculine décor. As designers of car prints, our staff could spend all day (literally) talking about the finer points of design and style. But you get the idea.

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Bringing in a Touch of Intense

Still, whichever answers you find to the above steps, you’ll still want to bring in that one piece. What do we mean? Even though your man cave doesn’t require a central focus piece, many do, and it really brings a room together. Some great examples might be a collection of rare books under glass, a moosehead from a past hunt, or a giant neon beer sign.

Adding Some Sexy Posters, Car Prints, or Impressive Art

Last but not least, your man cave or masculine space needs some wall décor. Of course, the staff at Rear View Prints can’t recommend our stunning car prints enough, for just about every man. Still, you have to choose what’s right for you. Some contemporary art or an original movie poster… these help fill the room in and complete it. They’re not necessary if you’re going for completely minimal, but for most man caves, they’re a good choice to complete the space.

Putting the finishing touches on your man cave, but need some of that awesome art? Check out our car prints and other art selections!

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