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Your Vintage Classic Car of the Month: 1958 Chevy Nomad

Your Vintage Classic Car of the Month: 1958 Chevy Nomad

]At first glance, this month’s vintage classic car is a bit… well, somber. In reality, however, this 1958 Chevy Nomad isn’t your run-of-the-mill vehicle. And because our RVP designers wanted to give you something out of the ordinary, we knew that it had to make an appearance here at our blog.

When it comes to car auctions, there’s almost no end to high-caliber luxury cars featured across the web. Rare Porsches, unbelievable Ferraris, and so many more. So when we saw this modest, but interesting vintage wagon, it caught our eye. Best of all? It’s very well within your price range.

As you browse classic car auctions online, you might get a little sticker shock. And for the Chevy Nomad, well-kept models can fetch solid prices, depending on their decade. For example, the 1950s models command up to $90,000. But as you hit the 1960s models, prices start to come down a notch or two.

And that’s part of why we love this specific car auction. As a project car, this Chevy Nomad offers up a awesome opportunity. Can you imagine what a little elbow grease could bring to this car? If you’re like our designers, you probably have a number of ideas running through your head.

Imagine it for a second: its’ the mid-1950s and the first wave of this model hits the roads across the United States. Disneyland has just opened up in California, Johnny Cash has just released “Folsom Prison Blues,” and General Motors is the first company to make more than 1 billion dollars in a single year. It’s also the year of the Le Mans disaster.

And a quick review of this classic car’s story shows how it’s worth a look. Sporting a V8, the Chevy Nomad has roots in the Corvette’s design. And it was even dubbed a “dream car” by designer Harley Earl. With its short wheelbase, it also factored into the development of the legendary hatchback.

Although this model needs some love, there’s plenty of potential to be had. On the one hand, there’s likely a fair amount of work to be done to get it roadworthy. On the other hand, for a classic car enthusiast with the knowledge and determination, this car could really shine. And we can imagine that once it was complete, it would look amazing out cruising the road.

Or spending the day with friends outside with the tailgate down. There’s definitely a lot to love about this cars design, even in its current condition. With wonderful vintage seats, a steering wheel and dash for the decades, and a sharp look, it screams classic from every angle.

But we want to hear from you: how would you make this diamond in the rough your own?

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