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The Formula 1 Halo Device, Well-Designed or Worthless?

The Formula 1 Halo Device, Well-Designed or Worthless?

At Rear View Prints, we’re huge fans of elegant design and Formula One. All you need to do is browse our F1 prints for a moment to see exactly what we mean. And this month, these two topics are colliding over one topic: the Halo Device.

For those of you who haven’t heard the news yet, the controversial Halo Device has been approved by the FIA for 2018. What this means is that, starting next year, F1 cars will be outfitted with the device in an effort to keep drivers safe from flying debris.

At the same time, however, the safety features design is enjoying its fair share of criticism. And the denunciations are coming from multiple people for several different reasons. Of course, our artists here at RVP knew we had to explore exactly what the Halo Device will mean for next year’s Formula One racing.

A Matter of Balancing Design and Practicality

When it comes to creating anything, there’s always the question of how to harmonize design and practicality. When experts set out to craft the Halo Device, they had one big goal in mind: protect drivers. After Formula Two drivers Justin Wilson and Henry Surtees died due to debris that struck them, the call for a solution was obvious. But would the answer be attractive or just plain ugly?

Putting the Halo Device to the Test

Before we answer the question about how elegant Halo Device is in terms of design, let’s first turn to its main purpose. After all, if it can’t protect drivers adequately, what’s the point? And while our design team knows the importance of safety in racing, the 17% deflection rate of the Halo Device is underwhelming at face value. It’s true that a number of teams tested the device and that it is incredibly durable. But as questions remain about how it might negatively affect driver safety in other ways, it’s unclear whether that 17% is enough to truly offer the necessary safety that it claims to provide.

And What Do Fans Have to Say?

With many decrying the Halo Device as ugly, there have been comments that race cars will never be attractive again. Now, here’s where our artists at RVP have some strong opinions. Although we don’t all agree on whether or not the Halo Device truly detracts from a Formula One’s design, one fact remains… car design changes over time. And what is loved by one generation might be hated by the next. We definitely agree that the new device seems to cut off fans from the drivers more than we would like. Still, only time will tell if the community embraces the Halo Device, on its design merits and its practical considerations.

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