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Retrofuture Motors - Racing Classics Reimagined

Retrofuture Motors - Racing Classics Reimagined

Every once in a while at Rear View Prints we get really excited to show you what we’ve been working on. All of what we produce is special, but sometimes we get a project that we really put our life and soul into.

Wild Autos is one of them. Before we get down to revealing our awesome graphic design cars, we want to make it clear that this wasn’t possible without you guys.

We’d like to give our sincere thanks to everybody who has ever purchased a print from us, no matter how big or small, as all of it contributes to putting together true passion projects like Wild Autos.

graphic design car in shadow, model is a porsche 917k

The Technology Behind the Beasts

We created this project in collaboration with some of the most talented creative artists in the industry. Using their specialist knowledge, they were able to bring graphic design cars to life with cutting-edge techniques. Through the power of 3D, we were able to recreate iconic cars in a photorealistic state

a dark shadowy showcase of the graphic design car reveal of the porsche 917k

Classic Autos with a Wild Side

The basic concept of Wild Autos was to take some of our favourite cars from motorsport history and reinvent them into graphic design cars with a newfound identity. Using some sophisticated computer graphic techniques and a bit of imagination, we’ve transformed rally and sports cars alike into something with a bit more attitude. Something a bit wild

a front end view of a graphic design car redesign of the audi S3

Nostalgia Driven

Almost everything we do here at Rear View Prints is about the intrinsic connection between our emotions and cars. This project in particular is themed heavily on nostalgia. Each car was selected based on its rich history in automotive culture, and the strong feelings associated with each. Whether it was the first Japanese motor to win Le Mans, or the legendary rally kings of Group B. All of these new graphic design cars have a story to tell.

reinvention of the popular mazda 787b

Industrial Edge

All of the graphic design cars feature in an industrial setting on a rough tarmac. Despite some of the shots being soaked in daylight, there is a unique dusk-type feeling to each of the photos. This is a specific design philosophy with an aim to provoke a specific emotion.

From the matte black finish on the cars to the shadows in the light, there’s something uniquely dark but exceptionally cool about these Wild Autos. 

a porsche 962 graphic design car reinvented, appearing in direct sunlight on tarmac.

Class Reinvented

The Porsche 962 embodies a lot of the ideas we spoke about when deciding which cars to makeover. Strong racing heritage? Check. Beautiful design? Check. Recognisable brand?

Check, check, check. As you can see we opted for a solid red livery to accentuate the racing connection. The Ferrari red paint is an intentional nod to its Italian race competitor, too. The design is finished with a black matte rear wing and splitter for a touch of rough class

replication of an old audi s3, featured in a dark background

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty is a word that evokes a specific type of aesthetic, but it was only one part of our design philosophy. The other part is best described as ‘beast’. All of these machines are beasts within their own right, but they wear colourful and exquisite liveries. Cars like the Audi Quattro are almost a perfect combination of both.

The roughneck attitude of the group b era is on full display, but we decided to turn up it up another notch giving the hood of the car a solid black tone. It’s an aesthetically pleasing car still, but it’s also menacing enough to make you think twice.

To explore more original automotive art like the above, head on over to Rear View Prints. The site is regularly updated with new designs of well-loved drivers, cars, and race tracks from all over the world.

You can also find us on twitter, facebook, and instagram with regular updates.

Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you. 

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