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How to Take Care of Your Art

How to Take Care of Your Art

Learning how to take care of your art means you’ll be able to keep your treasured purchases safe and sound for years to come.

It’s not always obvious how best to take care of framed art, and this can lead to avoidable accidents.

As we are often asked for tips from our customers about how to look after what they have bought from the website, we decided to put together this handy guide filled with simple but effective tips to keep your possessions in top condition. 

How to Clean Framed Art?

How to Take Care of Your Art


  • Remove your framed art and place it on a flat and stable surface, this is to ensure it does not slip while being handled. 
  • To clean the frame itself, use a soft cloth or brush. Do not use anything damp or sodden; this can cause issues for wax stained frames and certain other materials. 
  • To successfully clean acrylic glazing within the frame, gently apply a clean, non-abrasive but damp cloth.
  • Mild acrylic cleaning products can be used, but water will do just fine. 
  • Remember, never apply a cleaning product directly onto the artwork. This can cause irreparable damage. 

How to Pack Art Safely for Transport?


How to Take Care of Your Art


  • Measure an appropriate cardboard box that will comfortably fit your artwork while leaving space. This is to ensure there is room for protective packaging.
  • Make sure your artwork is completely wrapped in bubble wrap, including the corners as these are the most susceptible to damage. 
  • Add packing noodles or similar package protection to ensure the artwork can’t freely move around and be damaged in transit.
  • Secure the package with strong brown tape, most thick postage tapes work well for this.

Where’s the Best Place to Display my Art?


How to Take Care of Your Art


  • Avoid hanging the art near heat sources such as a boiler or a radiator. This is because excessive heat can damage the artwork over time.
  • Similarly, avoid anywhere that is too cold for the same reasons.
  • Small kitchens and bathrooms are not advisable, as they can build up condensation which can be damaging to the artwork. 
  • If your household has small children or pets, the higher placed the art, the better!

How do I dispose of my frame?


Treated wooden frames can not be recycled, and as such must be disposed of with other household waste.

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