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How to Hang Your Art

How to Hang Your Art

Rear View Prints has been providing exceptional automotive artwork to customers all over the globe for many years now.

As such, we are often asked by our customers how they can hang their special artwork on their walls. We’ve put together this guide filled with simple tips and tricks to help you proudly hang and display your artwork for everyone to see. 

Before You Start...You’ll Be Needing These!

  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Tape Measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Power drill (If you have masonry walls)
  • Spirit level
  • Appropriate fixtures for your wall type

Where’s the Best Place to Hang my Art?


How to Hang Your Art

When hanging a piece of art, it’s important to get the composition right. Avoid putting frames up in big empty spaces, unless they are large works.

The best place for most smaller frames is above prominent furniture such as a table or mantlepiece. Hanging prints at eye level is the key; there is a reason why art galleries do this!

Measure the Space Between Your Hanger and Frame

How to Hang Your Art

Most frames come with a standard hanging cord, but this may differ depending on the size. Take out the tape measure from earlier and measure the distance from the hanger to the top of the frame.

Make sure the frame is laid flat and as straight as possible to avoid any errors in measurement. 

Mark the Fixing Positions

How to Hang Your Art

You might need a little help with this part! Have a friend hold the frame up to the wall while you mark the top corners.

Then, make a second mark between the two first marks in the middle. Finally, transfer the measurements made in the last step from the markings you’ve just made to give an accurate reading of where your fixture will be placed. 

How Do I Find Out What Wall Type I Have?

How to Hang Your Art

Before you go knocking nails into your wall and applying fixtures, it helps to know what type of wall you have.

To find out, you can either simply knock on the wall or use a stud detector. A hollow sound indicates a drywall, whereas something more solid suggests masonry.

If you Have a Drywall


How to Hang Your Art


A double headed hanger screw will suffice. Simply insert your screwdriver into the wall where you’ve made your markings. The double-headed hanger screw is ideal for medium and lightweight frames, but it’s not the only fixture that can be used. 

If you Have a Masonry Wall

How to Hang Your Art


A masonry wall requires more heavy duty equipment, as you will need to drill a hole before attaching the fixture.

Use a power drill as advised using a masonry drill bit. After this you can fit a wall plug, this is fairly straightforward but there are other helpful guides out there if you need them. Once the wall plug is fitted, you can insert the screw in and hang your frame on the double head that is left.

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