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Your Vintage Classic Car of the Month: 1970 Mercedes SL Pagode

Your Vintage Classic Car of the Month: 1970 Mercedes SL Pagode

When it comes to car posters and auto design, the team at RVP loves to browse our favorite sites. Whether it’s a classic cars at auction or an entire iconic collection for sale, we love to think about the possibilities.

And last month, we found a true diamond in the rough with a Chevy Nomad.
Yet, this month, we’re bringing you something a bit different. And incredibly stunning. Just check out this month’s Vintage Classic Car of the Month: a 1970s Mercedes-Benz Pagode in an enchanting green. For car auctions, this one got a lot of conversation going with our team.

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Just Imagine this 70s Classic Car

Convertible, well-design, manual and with a 150 horse-power 6-cylinder engine…. There’s so much to love about this Mercedes. And as we were research this model, we came across all sorts of interesting pieces about the car. Picture it with us: jumping into the driver’s seat on a beautiful day with a friend and just cruising the road. For this model, there’s a fine-tuned combination of comfort and performance that’s sure to please. And that ever-so gentle curve of the bonnet to offer extra engine space is elegant in a way that’s hard to explain.

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And this Model Hits the Spot

Now, turning to this specific car, the auction’s photos are simple but magnificent. It’s hard not to stare at them for a long time. And when you discover that this vehicle has only had one owner… well, you get the idea. A conservative restoration has updated the paint to something that is out of this world. The green color is deep and rich, and yet, it’s also fresh at the same time. In addition, tis one also sports new tires and new chrome. And it really shows off the sophistication of this car that much more. The vehicles description also shows that the seller has taken time to help you appreciate this car beyond a mere quick sale.

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All About Location and Price

But let’s also go over the price and location of this vehicles. First, many of our Italian readers will appreciate that it’s right in their neck of the woods. For those of you not familiar, we recommend browsing the seller’s site at Ruote da Sogno. It’s a real testament to the world of cars. Now, the auction says that a price if available upon request, but we wanted to give you insight on value. Pagodes often fetch in the $30,000USD to $60,000USD range. And we can imagine that the drive for this one is worth every penny.
Do you know of a vintage classic car you’d like us to check out? Leave a link in the comments and share it with us!

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