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How Ink is Made

How Ink is Made

Isn't the Internet such an amazing thing? For anyone interested in cars and art, it sure is!

For us here t Rear View Prints, we love to learn more about these two topics. After all, we're professional designers and car-lovers. And I just found this video on how ink is made while I was on the screen printing subreddit. It's fascinating and kind of relaxing too. Along with the music, the process is simply impressive. Plus, there's vibrant colours, rich textures, and the creative process on display.

Ink-lover Peter Welfare gives some great sight into the emotions involved in this art.  I also didn't realise the strict quality control that went into each colour, but it makes a lot of sense now. Imagine how many years it took to perfect and refine these steps. It can't help but make you want to learn a little more on the subject. (And I'm sure there's probably even more good videos like this one out there!)

When it comes to authentic design, there really is a wealth of different considerations and trends to keep in mind. And we're keeping up with all of them. Sit back and enjoy!

Learn How Ink is Made

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