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Gasoline-Fueled & Buzz-Worthy: Saving Lives, Mid-East Drives, Cali Car Ban

Gasoline-Fueled & Buzz-Worthy: Saving Lives, Mid-East Drives, Cali Car Ban

Every month, the staff at RVP gets together to discuss auto-related news. The result is our regular article on gasoline-fueled stories that are buzz-worthy.

With each article, we bring you the absolute latest in car culture from around the United States, Europe, and beyond. Best of all, it’s all fresh developments from the world-wide starting line & designed to help you keep up with the trends!

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Just a Regular 10-year-old by Day

But by nighttime (we assume), fifth grader Bishop Curry from Texas is a hero-inspired inventor that just changed cars forever. Between going to school and homework, this young mind saw a problem and set out to fix it.

After his young neighbor died in a hot car, Bishop created an insanely smart device, called the Oasis. If a child is left in a car, the 3D-printed tech gauges the temperature and at a certain point, emits cold air. It might sound simple, but with so many young deaths throughout the world, a game-changer. We applaud his savvy engineering!

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Vacuum-Maker Dyson to Make Electric Cars

Turning to the roadways now, we find that award-winning company Dyson is entering the auto fray. While the brand is mostly known for its vacuum cleaners, it also has many other products under its belt.

The interesting thing about Dyson is that, as an engineering company, they set out to approach products in new ways. But electric cars? The market is growing, and Dyson promises something revolutionary. We’ll keep our eye on this one though to see how it pans out.

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California Goes All In on Gas Car Ban

Speaking of what fuels our cars… what do India, China, the UK, France, and California all have in common? If you said they want to ban gasoline-driven vehicles, you’d be totally correct!

With concerns over emissions and other factors, some governments are jumping on the green bandwagon. Give the linked article a read, and then we’d love to hear what you think of this development.

Saudi Arabia Finally Allows Women Drivers

Can you even imagine it being illegal for women to drive? Hélène Nice, Janet Gutherie, Shirley Muldowney.

Whatever your opinion of these women is, one thing can’t be denied: they wanted to drive. And drive they did. Now, you’ll need to see the list of attached restrictions to believe them, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

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Bonus Story: These Car Art Comments at Jalopnik

At RVP, we enjoy reading Jalopnik, the site where you can drive free or die. And for car art, the linked article gives you a look into the minds of car drivers everywhere. By sharing their car-related doodles in the comments, the community is showing just what we’re thinking about this year.

Do you have a story that we should check out at RVP? Send us a link or share it in the comments!

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