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Cars and Watches, 9 Affordable Timepieces You Can Buy Right Now

Cars and Watches, 9 Affordable Timepieces You Can Buy Right Now

Cars and Watches, 9 Affordable Timepieces You Can Buy Right Now - Rear View Prints 1
Whether you’re hitting the backroads of California or cruising the streets of Italy, one accessory can really enhance your drive. And that’s a trendsetting wristwatch. In reality, quality built cars and watches have a long history of being paired together. From the heritage timepieces first used by racing drivers to the newer gasoline-inspired models, watches are defined by their design and craftsmanship. And at Rear View Prints, our staff knows that an attractive watch can make your drive that much better.

After all, choosing the right one for the right journey is as much about your passions as the direction you take. Of course, even though there are many nice luxury watches, you also want your piece to be affordable and respectable at the same time. You also want to avoid those gimmicky watches that have flooded websites. Well, when it comes to cars and watches, you can’t go wrong with these 12 choices for almost any drive.
Tissot - Rear View Prints

Tissot PRS516

Our first piece is on the higher end of affordable for our cars and watches guide. But with its tachymeter, sub-dials, and red accents, it has the prefect feel. Plus, it’s sapphire crystal will take a beating.
Seiko - Rear View Prints

Seiko SNN Chronograph

Seiko is known for its solid craftsmanship in the affordable watch range. And when it comes to your drive, this pilot-inspired piece adds a nice touch of form and function.
Timex Expedition Scout - Rear View Prints

Timex Expedition Scout

But if you’re into off-roading or hitting the backtrails, the Timex Expedition Scout is a nice little piece. As a field watch, it gives off an excellent vintage vibe. Simple, straightforward, and great in the wild.
Timex Cronograph - Rear View Prints

Timex Expedition Chronograph

And speaking of affordable watches, Timex also has a chronograph that is a cool addition to this cars and watches guide. At an incredibly affordable price, it elevates things a bit, without getting too fancy.
Tissot Classic - Rear View Prints

Tissot Classic

Now if you need an affordable piece that is a touch fancier, this piece by Tissot is dressy, but sporty. Truthfully, Tissot has a lot of racing inspired pieces and nearly every piece gives off this style.
Luminox 1101 Tony Kanaan - Rear View Prints

Luminox 1101 Tony Kanaan

Created with race car driver Tony Kanaan in mind, this watch by Luminox really hits the spot.  First, we love the design. And when it’s paired with a rubber strap, maybe even with racing stripes, you know you have a winner!
Citizen Nighthawk - Rear View Prints

Citizen Nighthawk

Watches, aviation, and driving have a lot of connections. And in this affordable watch by Citizen, you can really see them come together. Popular in the watch enthusiast community, this piece is sophisticated and enjoyable for just about any drive.
Tomoro Racing - Rear View Prints

Tomoro Racing Motorcyle

But turning to something more hip and modern, this watch from Tomoro is an interesting addition to our cars and watches guide. We’ll admit that our staff isn’t overly familiar with this brand, but at this affordable price, it’s worth a try. The minimalism and sleekness are right in line with recent trends.
Shinola Detroit Runwell - Rear View Prints

Shinola Detroit Runwell

Still, we saved the best for last. Hailing from Detriot, the Shinola Runwell has garnered a reputation for being a solid watch. On the slightly higher end of affordable, like many of the automobiles of yesteryear, it comes with a reputation that’s hard to match.

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