Father’s Day Gift Guide: Car Culture Edition

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It’s that time of year again, the day we celebrate our dads, father figures, and male figures who helped drag us up in this world. Maybe you’re a Dad yourself, in which case you can pass this on to those concerned as a subtle hint of how you’d like to be celebrated. If not, please take this as a guideline for those of you who are lucky enough who have Dads who like cars and motorsport culture. Hopefully, there are more than a few ideas in here that will make him smile when the big day comes around on June 19th. As we are an automotive culture based website, it’s only fair we focus on our expertise. Every gift you find on this list will be related to the wonderful world of motorsport and cars in general. So without further ado…

fathers day gift guide petrolicious t shirt

Petrolicious Made to Drive T-Shirt Red


You can’t really go wrong with a t-shirt, especially one as sleek and stylish as this. A part of the Petrolicious Original Series, we reckon this would go a long way for a Dad into cars, especially if your budget is on the lower end.

fathers day gift guide book

How to Build a Car: The Autobiography of the World’s Greatest Formula 1 Designer Hardcover


Adrian Newey is arguably the greatest designer in Formula 1 history and is responsible for the design of cars that have been driven by legends like Mario Andretti, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Damon Hill, and many more. You can imagine then, his autobiography is going to feature some fascinating insight, especially for fans of motorsport.

Silverstone F1 Tickets

£ Varies

One of the higher ticket items on this list but definitely one of the most memorable. We’re talking about tickets to a live F1 Grand Prix of course, Silverstone to be precise. The question is, how much do you really love your dad? Just kidding. If you loved him that much you’d fly him out for Monaco.

Triple Supercar Driving Blast with High-Speed Passenger Ride


Not all of us will be so lucky to drive supercars in our lifetime, so if you’ve got a Dad who lusts after the asphalt of a Lambo or the beauty of a Ferrari, this is a perfect gift for Father’s Day. For only £79, you’ll have the choice of driving three elite supercars for three miles each around the track of your choice. We can’t think of much better for a devoted petrolhead.

fathers day gift guide james hunt helmet t shirt

James Hunt Helmet T-Shirt


Hunt the Shunt was the original Formula One playboy and depending on how old your Dad is, probably one of his favourite drivers. If you’re looking for something stylish but still on the relatively inexpensive side; you can’t go wrong with this James Hunt helmet t-shirt. Showcasing the drivers’ classic helmet from his driving heyday, it’s an awesome gift of nostalgia for any older Formula 1 fan.

fathers day gift guide front cover f1 racing magazine

F1 Racing Magazine – 1 Years Subscription


Print is not quite yet dead and there is still plenty of decent motorsport magazines around. Chief among them is F1 Racing Magazine, which is packed with fantastic features and information about the current seasons and history of the sport. Ideal for any dads who are F1 fanatics.

fathers day gift guide senna blu ray documentary movie cover

Senna – DVD/Blu-Ray


There’s also, of course, the alternative option of streaming, but as a gift you can’t go wrong with a physical DVD or Blu-Ray. This is the BAFTA-winning documentary Senna, which if you haven’t seen yet, just where have you been? As you can probably guess, the documentary centers around Formula One legend Ayrton Senna. But to be honest, even if you aren’t a fan of F1, you’d probably still enjoy this masterful piece from director Asif Kapadia. A perfect gift for any dad who loved the Brazilian maestro.

fathers day gift guide ferrari print

A Purebred Legacy – Ferrari Poster


Get your dad something he’ll be proud to hang on his walls with this fantastic bespoke Ferrari print from your friendly neighbourhood car print website! We’ve picked out the Ferrari here for showcase purposes, but there are a ton of different world-famous supercars and racing cars to choose from that any car-crazy dad will appreciate. Prices start at £17.99!

We hope you found something on this list that will please your dad. Remember, we stock a wide range of car and motorsport prints, as well as apparel. So if you need more inspiration don’t forget to take a look around the website. We hope you enjoyed reading, make sure you join us next time!

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