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F1 Driver with Most Wins

The 2022 Formula One Season is coming to a close and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has firmly cemented his place as the new dominant force. It looks likely he may win this year’s Drivers’ Championship in Japan with four races to spare. Reflecting on this epic success, we’ve decided to look at the most successful Formula One drivers in recent history. 

Although Red Bull is the team of the moment, the last decade of Formula One has been dominated by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team. The Silver Arrows have cruised their way to 8 of the last 10 constructors’ championships and have produced some of the most successful cars and drivers in the history of the sport. It is no surprise then, that their drivers dominate our list of drivers with the most wins. 

Valtteri Bottas – 10 Wins

In his 5 seasons at Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas managed to pick up an impressive 10 wins, though he was never able to extract himself from the unenviable position as the second driver to Lewis Hamilton. Despite this, the Finn regularly delivered incredible drives and helped Mercedes win five World Constructors’ Championships, one in each year he held the second seat.

Best Win – Baku 2019 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eE9bofwhhs

Bottas started the 2019 season with a bang, and not the bad kind! Hamilton might have been the reigning world champion, but Bottas took pole for the first three races as a statement of intent to chase a big title of his own. 

As we came to Azerbaijan for the second race of the season, Valtteri will have been having flashbacks to the year before when he was denied a win by a stray piece of debris with only a handful of laps to go. 

Having lost out from pole to Hamilton in the first race of the season, Bottas was determined to convert his second pole of the season into a victory. He did just that with an insane drive around the twisting streets of Baku, overcoming an onslaught of wheel-to-wheel challenges from Hamilton in the early stages and keeping a cool head to bring it over the line.

Nico Rosberg – 22 Wins

In 2016, Nico Rosberg was a man on a mission. Having come second in the World Drivers’ Championship to teammate Lewis Hamilton two years in a row, Nico was going to give everything on the track in what was to be his final year in Formula One. Nothing like driving in the same team as Hamilton to spur on some amazing drives!

The battle between the two Mercedes drivers for the 2016 championship battle bubbled over dramatically at multiple points. Most famously, they crashed into each other in the Spanish Grand Prix meaning that neither finished the race!  I can only imagine what Toto said at the after-race briefing.

After an intense season, consistency paid off and, despite Hamilton winning more races, Rosberg won the World Drivers’ Championship by a slither of just 5 points. 

Best Win – Singapore 2016 – https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/video.race-highlights-singapore-2016.6060976250001.html

With bright lights illuminating the nail-biting twisting streets of Singapore, the race always demands the very best from the drivers, and in 2016 Rosberg delivered the most assertive win of his career. 

Rosberg looked on excellent form, but Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo hungrily chased him down for the last few laps. Despite Ricciardo’s unquestionable skill and determination, and fresh tyres he didn’t have enough time to catch him, and faultless Rosberg made no mistakes to give him a helping hand.

The victory was Rosberg’s 8th of the season and helped him leapfrog Lewis Hamilton before going on to win the big title that year. 

Sebastian Vettel – 27 Wins

Wins have been hard to come by for Sebastian Vettel in the last few years. His last win while driving for Ferrari in 2019 when he managed to pinch victory at Singapore after the two dominant Mercedes fell victim to a bad pitstop strategy. It was Vettel’s only victory that year, and with news of his retirement at the end of this season, it will probably be his last.

Whilst his wins might have been few and far between in the later part of the last decade, in the early 2010’s he was completely unmatched! In 2013, he took his fourth consecutive World Drivers’ Championship and won 9 consecutive races at the end of the season, a feat which is unmatched to this day.

Best Win – Bahrain – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIm2cqy7-AI

His 200th Grand Prix, Bahrain 2018, was one of Sebastian Vettel’s most dominant performances, and he is somebody who could give a masterclass on dominance!

In what is usually a two-stop race, Vettel decided he could handle the pressure of nursing well-worn tyres over the finish line and opted for a risky one-stop strategy. The German managed to hold off a late charge from Mercedes Valtteri Bottas who followed the textbook and had much fresher and speedier tyres.

The race was an amazing example of Vettel’s composure and solid race-craft. He knew exactly how to stay cool and fend off Bottas, getting the most out of his rapidly deteriorating tyres. He did not make a single mistake and the tyres lasted, much to the relief of the Ferrari fans who will not have shared his composure.

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Max Verstappen – 31 Wins

It is clear from his incredible performances this year that currently Max Verstappen has no rival in Formula One.

His undisputed dominance follows one of the most fiercely contested Formula 1 seasons in recent history, which delighted fans of the sport around the world after watching seasons of inevitable Hamilton and Mercedes victories.  

Max clinched his controversial first World Drivers’ Championship victory on the very last lap of the final race at Abu Dhabi 2022. Despite the controversy, no one can argue it had been a long time coming for Max, as people have been predicting his current brilliant form since he took his first win 5 years ago at just 18 years old, the youngest ever Formula One Grand Prix winner.

Best Win – Spa 2022 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnnh8unDP4Y

Spa Track Poster

In seasons gone by, Max has been criticized for his aggressive, sometimes bordering on terrifying, even dangerous, driving style. Max has never been afraid to challenge the conventional notions of limits on the racetrack. 

The Belgian Grand Prix at Spa this season was a fast and raucous affair, Chaos around the first lap saw contact involving multiple sets of drivers. Former teammates and longstanding rivals Alonso and Hamilton collided propelling Hamilton’s car into the air! Max could easily have been caught up in this carnage having started midfield in 14th place after taking engine penalties. 

Yet, we saw a level of maturity previously not seen in Max as he avoided the drama and methodically picked his way through the pack. Incredibly, by the 12th lap, he was leading the race and he went on to take the chequered flag and his 8th win of the season. 

This ability to win or take a podium from seemingly any position he starts or finds himself in is becoming a bit of a theme this season!

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Lewis Hamilton – 82 Wins

In the last decade, there has only been one name in Formula One, and that is Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton set an intention to break the previous record of World Drivers Championship titles, held by Michael Schumacher. To date, he currently holds an awe-inspiring 7, of which 6 are in the last decade, which is equalling Schumacher. Hamilton has won more races than any other driver in the history of the sport, and more than double any other driver in the last decade. 

As a result of this Sir Lewis Hamilton has become the face we associated with victory in modern Formula One. Famous for his relentless work ethic, unmatched technical ability and political activism, Hamilton is a worthy legend recognised beyond the realm of Formula 1.

Best Win – Turkey 2020 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg3v8VKEtBc

With 82 wins in the last decade to pick from, it was always going to be a difficult choice, however, the win which sealed his 7th World Drivers’ Championship in 2020 showcased Hamilton’s very best!

In the initial stages of the race, the prospect of winning the race, and the championship that day, must have slipped to the back of Hamilton’s mind! He spent the first few laps sliding off the track multiple times in wet conditions, unable to get his tyres up to temperature.

As the race progressed, Hamilton settled in and did what he does best- His fans call it ‘Hammer time’. 

Using all his experience and technical skill, he managed his tyres far better than his opponents. He cruised through to his 10th win of the season and finally equalled Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 World Drivers Championships. 

Will he win another one? Will he win another race? Or have we seen the best of Lewis Hamilton, and the next decade will be defined by a different set of race winners?

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