Best Nascar Drivers of all Time

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There has been no shortage of talented drivers to participate in NASCAR since it was founded in 1948. Amongst all the wins and talent features an array of superstars unique to stock car racing. Many legends have taken to many speedways throughout different eras of the sport, and a lot of them have their very own devoted followers. This week at Rear View Prints we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the best NASCAR drivers of all time. Do you agree with who we’ve got here? Remember to leave us a comment either on our website or Drive Tribe, depending on where you’re reading.

best nascar drivers of all time, richard petty with his plymouth 43

Richard Petty

Talking about icons of the sport, it’s only fair we start off Richard “The King” Petty. Statistically, one of the most dominant drivers you’ll ever find across the world of motorsport. He was around for 35 years and won 7 championships, a record shared with two other drivers on this list. Although let it be noted, Petty was the first to reach this milestone. Other impressive numbers Petty has to his name include 200 career wins, 123 poles, and 10 consecutive wins. A lot of people would probably put Petty as the best NASCAR driver of all time, and it would be hard to argue with.

best nascar drivers of all time, jimmie johnson wearing shades

Jimmie Johnson

One of the aforementioned drivers who shares Richard Petty’s 7 championship record is Jimmie Johnson, a California native who more than deserves to be on a list of best NASCAR drivers of all time. In 2010, he became the first driver to win 5 consecutive championships, one of many standout records on his resume that elevates him above his peers. As well as being a top driver, Johnson also has a reputation for an arrogant attitude and is one of the most hated guys in NASCAR. Whatever you think of the man, his record and ability are not up for debate.

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon is a versatile and talented driver who has to date notched an incredible 93 wins under his belt in NASCAR racing. He holds the most win record on multiple tracks, including Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Sonoma, and more. His original nickname when joining NASCAR was “The Kid”. He may have outgrown the moniker, but this 2019 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee will be etched into this sport forever.

best nascar drivers of all time, darrell waltrip in front of his number 11 car

Darrell Waltrip

Nicknamed “Jaws” for his perhaps overactive mouth, you can’t say he wasn’t able to back it up with his driving on the track. After winning 3 Nascar Cup championships in his successful career, he then went on to 3 major NASCAR national series as a team owner too. He currently puts his nickname to good use as an analyst and commentator for NASCAR racing.

best nascar drivers of all time, young dale earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt

Dale’s name rings out across motorsport and beyond. A legend on the track, the man who made the number 3 famous and earned the fitting nickname “The Intimidator” really was one of the best NASCAR drivers of all time. Unfortunately, Dale’s life was cut short in a three-car collision in 2001 at Daytona International Speedway. Despite his death, his record in NASCAR still speaks volumes with 76 wins and 7 championships to his name.

best nascar drivers of all time, david pearson jumping out of his car

David Pearson

David Pearson was something like Petty’s Joker to his Batman; the two seemingly co-existed as fierce rivals throughout their careers. Despite The King’s dominance, David Pearson proved more than a worthy adversary managing 105 wins and 3 championships during a period in racing where Petty was winning everything. That’s nothing to be sniffed at and is duly respected by fans and fellow drivers alike.

Cale Yarborough

Cale brought his superb style of racing to victory on a lot of tracks and was known for dominating some of the more storied speedways, including Daytona where he notched up 13 poles and 4 wins during his illustrious career. He holds 83 wins in total over his career and 3 NASCAR championships. Not bad for someone who almost ended up playing football for the Washington Redskins.

That’s the end of our blog this week on the best NASCAR drivers of all time. Like always, please leave a comment below as love reading them whether you agree with us or not! You can also find us on twitter, facebook, and Instagram. If you’re a NASCAR fan, remember we’ve just newly released some track prints for you to get your hands on here. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading. Until next time!

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