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12 Must-Read Sites for Gasoline Culture and the Petrol Lifestyle

In recent years, gasoline culture has shifted into high gear when it comes to finding a place on the internet. Now like never before, you can connect with racing buffs and petrolheads to discuss just about any car-related subject you can think of. Wondering what the new offerings from BMW might look like this year? There’s a blog for that. What about the very best in Formula 1 racing? There’s a site for that too.

As huge enthusiasts of car art, auto design, and gasoline culture, the Rear View Prints team loves to get lost for hours on some of these sites. And because we want to connect you to all things car-related, we’ve put together this big list of must-read blogs and sites, so you can get your fix and hit the fastlane any day of the week.


The Original Home Of Gasoline Culture

Considering this was the website that coined the term “gasoline culture” itself, it’s fair to say it deserves top spot on the list. Offering a great all-round perspective on cars, bicycles and even motorboats, you won’t find a much more comprehensive site out there.


For All of Gasoline Culture

From racing watches to behind the scenes photoshoots, Petrolicious covers nearly everything you’ll ever want on gasoline culture. We love this site so much, we even interviewed Petrolicious Editorial Director Ted Gushue.

Just a Car Guy

For Tons of Vintage Cars

Let’s switch gears to site that’s a little more niche, but still plenty heavy on the gasoline culture. Just a Car Guy has loads of vintage photos of some very nice vehicles., whether it’s a 1929 Chrysler Coupe or a 1969 Boss 429 Mustang.


Of Oversteer for Racing

While this one has plenty to see, we really love it’s focus on Formula One and general racing culture. Plus, we can never get enough of a well-shot photo or two.

Motor Trend

For an All Around Ride

Let’s throw in a more traditional site here to keep you on your toes. You’ve probably heard of Motor Trend if you’re… well, just about any guy. But really, their website is worth an occasional look for some fun.


For Japanese Gasoline Culture

Okay, here’s a great curve ball for you when it comes to gasoline culture. When you’re into the Japanese scene, this site has what you’re looking for. It’s a cool switch from the everyday and gives some perspective on the global car lifestyle.

Top Gear

For the Gearheads

Another more traditional source, TopGear is a well-known stop in the word of TV auto interest. Their site is also an enjoyable place to visit for reviews, news, and more.


For the Community

This one is outstanding for discussion and generally connecting to the car community. We also love that their social media presence allows you to find even more fans to talk with.


To Write for Dogma Free

When it comes to cars, everyone has their passion… and their opinions. At Driven to Write, the story is a little different. Instead, they try to capture a dogma-free approach that’s down-to-earth, but still great to read.


For… Speed

We love Speedhunters for the sheer fact that we get a few articles almost every day. Retro rides, custom cars, and a whole lot of speed, this one is easy to get lost on.


For Bold and Stylish

For Ecurie, you’ll discover a presentation of car style that’s seriously fun to browse. There’s articles on some of the hottest vehicles, and the pictures are well worth a look. They’re even going to be featuring our car prints!


For Quirky and Unique

Finally, what can we say about Hooniverse? It’s one of those sites that likes to include all sorts of different things. We definitely love their Track Tuesday. Of course, that probably comes as no surprise, considering we have several prints dedicated just to epic tracks. Check out these sweet car prints here and here.

Did we miss one of your favourite sites related to gasoline culture? Share a link with us in the comments!

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